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Knights of Columbus - Cardinal McGuigan Province (Fourth Degree)


 The Fourth Degree of the Knights of
 Columbus is the visible arm of the 
 Order for which it fosters the spirit of
 Patriotism by promoting responsible
 citizenship and a love of our country...Canada.

Brother Knights
Have you considered joining the Fourth Degree?
Fourth Degree members are Knights like yourself, unified to
support religious, civic and charitable causes and dedicated
to the service of their Church, their Country and our Order.
Here is a little about Fourth Degree involvement:
For Church...
• Financially supports causes addressing religious, civic and
    educational needs.
 • Promotes active support of the Refund Support Vocations
   Program (RSVP) and the Scholarship Program
Provides honour guards for the Holy Father on his visits to the
   countries where the Order exists.
 • Provides honour guards to local Churches.
For Country...
• Promotes programs that encourage love of country and
  supports the application of Christian principles at all
  levels of government.
• Encourages active participation in programs for Church, 
  Country and the Order
• Sponsors youth essay contests and poster contests
  geared to patriotic themes.
• Presents free flags to local churches and schools.
• Participates in Remembrance Day and Canada Day events.
• Conducts "Get Out the Vote" awareness campaigns to stress
  the importance of voting  and assists in taking home-bound
 citizens to the polls.
And The Order...
• Participates at wakes and funerals of members; presents a
  "Resolution of Condolence" to the family of a deceased member.
• Sponsors a program to commemorate the death of a member
   by presenting a memorial in the deceased’s name.
• Speaks out against the culture of death, euthanasia and assisted
• Participates in the annual National March for Life in Ottawa.
• Sponsors Columbian Squires Circles and scout troops.
Are You Qualified?
To qualify for the Fourth Degree you must:
  • Be a practical Catholic in Union with the Holy See
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be a citizen of Canada
  • Be a Third Degree member in good standing with your council
To learn more about the Patriotic Degree and how to join its
ranks, contact us at McGuigan Province



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