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Knights of Columbus - Cardinal McGuigan Province (Fourth Degree)

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The Cardinal McGuigan Province was named in honour of  James Charles Cardinal McGuigan who served as the Archbishop of Toronto from 1934 to 1971.


The Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus is made up of twenty Provinces worldwide plus the nine jurisdictions reporting directly to the Supreme Master
The jurisdictions of Ontario and Manitoba fall under the Cardinal McGuigan Province which consists of 8 Districts and 134 Assemblies
in Ontario within the boundaries of the 3 Archdioceses and 10 Dioceses, plus one Archepichary and one Epichary, while Manitoba has 1 District and 14 Assemblies within the boundaries of three Archdioceses and one Archepichary.
The Vice-Supreme Master of the Cardinal McGuigan Province is Sir Knight Joe Mathews, and each District in the Province has a Master.

Masters'  Meeting held in Toronto on September 26 & 27, 2014
Pictured from left to right:
  S. K. Kevin Daudlin, Ontario State Deputy,
S. K. Joe Mathews, Master 2nd Ontario District,
S. K. Bill Vass, Master 4th Ontario District,
S. K. Len Donnelly, Master 3rd Ontario District,
S. K. Brendan Saunders,  Vice-Supreme Master of the Cardinal McGuigan Province,
S. K. Norm Fountaine, Master 1st Ontario District,
S. K. Léonard Larabie, Master 6th Ontario District,
S. K. Peter Harding, Master of the 5th Ontario District,
Nat Gallo, Supreme Director,
Vic Lefebvre, Master of the  8th
Ontario District and
S. K. Karel Moravek, Master of the Manitoba District.
Not present was S. K. Claude Belanger, Master of the 7th Ontario District.


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