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 Exemplification Team 2

Master & Friar


 Team 2
 Team 1


The Master's Exemplification Staff
for the 2nd Ontario District consists
of the Master, the District Friar, the 
Marshals (4), the Ceremonial Team
(4th Degree Exemplification) and
the members of the Flag Party. The
District Comptroller serves as the
Exemplification Chairman and the
members of the Master's Staff assist
in Registration and other aspects of
conducting the Degree.


Fourth Degree, 2nd Ontario District

Rudy Montaniel




District Friar

Rev. Mark Van Patten














Senior District Marshal (West)
Terry Maselli-Jacknam, PGK, PFN, FDD


District Marshal (North)




District Marshal (East)
Eardley Adams, PGK, PFN, FDD

District Marshal (Central)
Vince Dumael, PGK  

(Team 2)


Exemplification Chairman
Jerry Hayes, PGK, PFN, FDD


Ceremonials (H)
David Peters, KHS, PGK, PFN, FDD


Ceremonials (D of F)
Chris Serjeant, PGK, FDD 


Ceremonials (E of C)
Art Policarpio, PGK, FDD


Ceremonials (R)
Patrick Briggs, PFN


Ceremonials (N)
James Mederios 


Ceremonials (AV) 
Roy Druce, PFN


Ceremonials (AV) 
Anthony X. D'Souza, PGK, PFN, FDD


Ceremonials (AV) 
Fran Pulumbarit, KHS, PGK, PFN



Flag Party 
Ben Menezes, DGK






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