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Many of the resources a
member or officer needs
are available online.

This section contains both
material from the Knights
of Columbus along with a
variety of information that
may be of assistance in the
the operation of the Assembly,
or of general interest to the

Additional resources can be
found under the Navigator's

K of C Links

Ontario State Council Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus - Supreme Office

Knights of Columbus - Fourth Degree Resource Material

The Life and Legacy of Father McGivney

Charter Constitution Laws of the Knights of Columbus      

Laws an Rules Governing the Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus         

State Protocol Manual     

Protocol Booklet 1612     

Drill Manuals

Knights of Columbus Full Drill Manual (New)     

Knights of Columbus Full Drill Manual (Old)    


Catholic Church Links

Vatican City

Canadian Martyr's Shrine
Marylake Shrine and Rosary Path

Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops


Religious Links

Catholic On-Line

Catholic Bible

The Catholic Encyclopaedia


Reference Links

Protocol Information Page     

Robert's Rules Of Order | Quick Reference

Robert's Rules of Order Revised

How to Use a Gavel When Running a Meeting |


K of C Suppliers Links

Roger Sauve Inc.

Knights Gear

The English Company





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