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Drill Competition

Description of the Drill




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The Colour Corps Competition is designed to challenge each Assembly to exercise their Colour Corps Units in accomplishing one of its prime purposes; the public display of the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus as Honour Guards at religious and civil functions. The Colour Corps 
who has mastered the Manual Of The Sword and who has accomplished the Honour Guard functions at civic and religious ceremonies add dignity and pride of church and country to any event. 

The Colour Corps Competition will exercise and evaluate the overall uniform appearance of each Colour Corps Unit. The Colour Corps Unit will be evaluated from the time they are called from the Assembly Area until they have been dismissed. 


Description of the Drill Competition
The Colour Corps Drill Team Competition will begin with the Opening Ceremonies where the Marshal, his staff and the Drill Teams will be led into the hall by the Colour Guard. An Opening prayer will be done along with the singing of O Canada. Introductions and instructions will be given.

The order of the teams will be determined by random draw.

The team will be led in single file by the Commander, where they will be inspected by either the Master or the Marshal.

The following movements will be performed "at the halt":

                 a.          Draw Swords

                 b.          Present Swords

                 c.          Carry Swords

                 d.          Parade Rest

                 e.          Attention

                 f.           Return Swords

                 g.          Left Face


The team will then March in pairs to a designated area where they will Halt and then Draw Swords.

From there they will continue to March to the area behind a set of chairs (this represents a Church setting). There the team will Halt and Return Swords.

They will March down the aisle to the front, Halt and Inward Turn. They will then Salute, followed by turning to Face the front, where they will March forward and Bow before turning to proceed to their position next to a chair.

Each Sir Knight will remove his chapeau and sit. After a short delay he will stand and return his chapeau.

The team will do an Inward turn and proceed to March to the back. Once back to the designated area behind the chairs, they will Draw swords. 

The Sir Knights will then March, following the path they originally took, until they reach the location of the Master or Marshal and will then be commanded eyes right as they pass, where they will continue to the staging area and then Halt.

The team will Return Swords and be dismissed.

This is repeated for each Drill Team.

After the Teams have completed the Drill Competition, they will be asked to assemble for final instructions and a Closing Prayer. Refreshments will be served during which time the scores will be tabulated and the two teams advancing to the District Competition will be announced.  


The Colour Corps Drill Team Competition will be conducted at two levels:
The first is the Regional Competition which will be conducted by the Marshals for the Assemblies in their area.
The Northern Region will be conducting their competition on TBD. 
The Western Region will be conducting their competition on TBD..
The Eastern Region will be conducting their competition on TBD.

The top two teams from each Regional Competition will compete in the District Competition which will be held on TBD.  


















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