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Colour Corps

Purpose of the Colour

 Fourth Degree
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 Colour Corps

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The public appearance of Fourth Degree Knights as Honour Guards at civic and religious functions is an important activity of each Assembly. Their presence adds dignity and a pride of Church and country to any event. 

The Colour Corps has two sub-groups, the Honour Guard and the Colour Guard. The Honour Guard are members of the Colour Corps who have mastered the manual of the sword. The Colour Guard are the flag bearers and at least two Honour Guards escorting the colours.


Purpose of the Colour Corps
When knighthood was in flower, knights carried the sword to defend their God, their Church, their country and their fellow man according to the code of chivalry. Today, Sir Knights wear the official dress and carry the sword to honour Christ and His apostles, especially on religious and civic occasions specified in this manual. Hence, the primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to encourage active Catholic citizenship and foster the spirit of patriotism in members and the community at large.

The Colour Corps members exemplify all the principles of our Order

Charity - by the gift of their time and energies necessary to practice, perfect and perform the ceremonials and sword drill.
Unity – by the united efforts of Sir Knights to practice and perfect a coordinated drill for the good of the Church and the Order.
Fraternity – by expressing an “Esprit de Corps,” sharing a common desire for drill excellence and camaraderie.
Patriotism – by performing precision drill as a salute to God and to country and visually exhibiting a love for

The Fourth Degree member official dress is as follows:

Navy Blue Blaze with Fourth Degree Crest and K of C Buttons 
Plain White Shirt with button cuff and no button down collar 
Fourth Degree grey trousers with black trouser belt 
Black Footwear
Black Socks 
Fourth Degree Necktie 
Fourth Degree black beret  
Lapel Pin (Official Fourth Degree Pin) 
K of C Miniature Jewels (3ed and 4th Degree)

A member serving in the Armed Forces of his country is in proper attire when dressed in Military dress uniform. 

When a Fourth Degree member attends an official function of the Order where Fourth Degree dress is required, he may wear the jewel of his office around his neck, be it Fourth Degree or Third Degree, This applies only if he is currently serving in that office. 

A former Supreme Director, Past State Deputy, Past Grand Knight, Past Faithful Navigator, Former Vice Supreme Master, Former District Master or Former District Deputy may wear the miniature jewel of these offices, in accordance with the guidelines in the Protocol Handbook.

Colour Corps

As a Fourth Degree Degree Knight you have the opportunity to become part of your Assembly's colour corps. As a colour corps member, you will be recognized widely by the distinctive attire of the official dress, service baldric and sword. Colour corps members regularly take part in civic events such as parades and wreath-laying ceremonies, and in ecclesial functions at Catholic churches. 

Official Dress - Colour Corps


                     Colour Corps Dress              Member's Dress

The Knights of Columbus Colour Corps official dress is the same as the official dress of a member, with the following additions:
1. White gloves.
2. Service Baldric, together with a sword, is worn over the coat from the right shoulder to the left hip. When a sword is not permitted for any reason, the Service Baldric shall be worn nevertheless.
3. Colour bearers wear a colour harness and Service Baldric, but no sword.
4. The same rules apply with reference to wearing jewels of office.
5. A name badge shall not be worn when dressed in the Colour Corps official dress.

Colours for Colour Corps 

Supreme Master Dark Blue Beret Patch
Vice Supreme Master Light Blue Beret Patch
Master Gold Beret Patch
Faithful Navigator White Beret Patch
District Marshal Green Beret Patch
Assembly Commanders Purple Beret Patch
Colour Corps No Beret Patch
Former Vice Supreme Masters Blue Beret Patch
Former Masters Gold Beret Patch
Past Faithful Navigators White Beret Patch







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